Wellspring Cultural Foundation is a charitable organization that primarily provides the facilities and financial support for apostolic and spiritual programs and activities. These include Ernescliff College and Lyncroft Hospitality Training Centre.

WCF supports and promotes the development of people by sponsoring activities that teach and equip them to grow in virtue through their studies, work, family life, spiritual life and social undertakings. The activities that Wellspring sponsors are inspired by the message of the Opus Dei Prelature.

Help people grow in holiness by giving Wellspring the means to help them increase in virtue and transform their lives.

There are many stories of men and women who, through contact with the spirit of Opus Dei, have decided to pursue their faith seriously after many years of indifference. Men and women who renew their struggle to be better husbands, wives, fathers and mothers by attempting to live the virtues in a more heroic manner.

The benefit of your prayers and financial donations is immeasurable. Please join us as we strive in our efforts to spread the New Evangelization. Your contributions are not used to cover any administrative costs. All work is conducted by volunteers who donate their time.

We can’t change lives without you. We need your help. Please give today.

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Spiritual Direction, Confession, Monthly Recollections, Retreats, and Doctrine Classes.​

Ernescliff College

Ernescliff College is an independent student residence on the St. George campus of the University of Toronto.

Lyncroft Hospitality Training Centre

Lyncroft provides the hospitality services for Ernescliff College, a residence located on campus at the University of Toronto. Lyncroft's range of professional services include meals, laundry, and housekeeping.

Wilson Heights

Wilson Heights is a center for Opus Dei with Spiritual Direction, Confessions, Recollections and other spiritual activities.

Ernescliff College

Ernescliff College is an independent student residence on the St. George campus of the University of Toronto.

Ernescliff is open to students from all social, ethnic and religious backgrounds. It complements students’ university experience by broadening their education and helping them to become competent, generous and responsible men committed to contributing to the common good of society.

The College achieves these aims through its Scholars’ Program. This consists of professional development workshops, a speaker series featuring prominent leaders and intellectuals, and opportunities for community outreach both in the summer and throughout the academic year. The real key to the success of Ernescliff’s program is its one-on-one mentoring, where residents and others may receive an individual and personalized attention that helps them in their growth and development.

In addition to being a residence, Ernescliff also runs a activities for high school students that aim at character formation and growth in leadership qualities. Every Saturday the participants in Ernescliff’s High School Program take part in working sessions on these topics. They also receive classes on Church teaching and practical advice on how to live one’s Christian life. These are followed by team sports.

Ernescliff’s Big Picture Summer Program is designed to help young men develop leadership skills. Students who follow the program learn to see their high school years (their studies, athletic clubs, summer jobs, leisure time, etc.) as an opportunity to develop the personal attributes necessary for greater success throughout their lives.

Finally, Ernescliff also offers programs and opportunities for young professionals. These include meditations, retreats, and evenings of recollection preached by priests of Opus Dei, and classes on Christian Doctrine and its practical implementation in one’s life. There is also a speaker series aimed at providing advice on how to establish oneself and continue to find success in all aspects of one’s life. Many of the young professionals also become involved in opportunities for community outreach that Ernescliff has to offer.

For further information on each of these programs, please visit www.ernescliff.ca

Lyncroft Hospitality Training Centre

  • Lyncroft offers: Industry-competitive traineeship compensation (earn while you learn!);
  • Extensive one-on-one professional training with an on-site mentor/coach;
  • A stepping stone to a successful career in the hospitality industry;
  • Work references for future employment with other service–oriented companies/organizations;
  • Meals during the work shift;
  • Central location accessible at the University of Toronto by TTC subways/buses;

The Art of Hospitality is a club for girls ages 13 to 17. The club offers a program of hospitality and cultural activities geared towards nurturing a spirit of service, doing one’s work well, and true friendship. Talks are given by the club coaches on virtues and character building, and the girls are encouraged to formulate goals for self-improvement. The Art of Hospitality is ‘an opening of horizons’ as club members develop confidence, deep values, and skills for life.

Ho.M.E. (Home Management Essentals) is a workshop series for women that offers professional, practical and personal management strategies designed to help make care of the family and the home more efficient and satisfying. Through education (theoretical and hands-on classes) and coaching, participants are given the opportunity to learn how to streamline the way they manage their household. We help our participants to reflect on their personal goals for their home and family, and aim to provide the tools needed to assist in achieving their goals. In this way, participants enhance their ability to create a home environment that works best for them and their families.

For further information on each of these programs, please visit http://www.lyncroft.ca

Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri

The Holy See has communicated that Pope Francis – accepting the petition made by the Prelate of Opus Dei, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz – has decreed that Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri will be beatified in Madrid on Saturday 18 May 2019.

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Spiritual Resources

Spiritual Direction and Confession

Spiritual direction has been a long-standing practice within the Catholic Church. The priests of  Opus Dei make themselves available for this important means for growth in holiness.
To make an appointment with a priest, please contact Ernescliff College at 416-979-5949.


Cedarcrest retreats are available for either women or men, conducted by priests of Opus Dei. They provide the necessary opportunity to reflect on one’s everyday occupations, family life and relationships with others in light of the basic truths of the Catholic faith. Each full day of the retreat includes Holy Mass, several conferences or classes, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and recitation of the rosary. The priest conducting the retreat is available for confession. There is also opportunity for personal spiritual direction with a lay person or with the priest.
The schedule may be viewed at www.cedarcrestcc.ca.

Monthly Recollections

Periods of Recollection are conducted each month in a number of locations across southern Ontario. Their purpose is to provide time for reflection in light of our Catholic baptismal vocation, and help us to make our faith the guiding principle behind our daily conduct.

To view or download the recollection flyer go to  2019 Recollection Flyer.

Doctrine Classes

Doctrine classes are offered by the faithful of Opus Dei to people of all ages, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. They usually last 30-45 minutes and cover many points of the Catholic faith. At the end of each session, there is time for questions and answers. Please contact Anthony Schratz (ans@ernescliff.ca or 416-979-5949 ext. 202) for more details. 

Family Catechism

The purpose of Family Catechism is to join together to carry out the common task of family faith formation in a welcoming environment to build up a community of strengthened families. Visit the following site for more information: Family Catechism

Our Team


 Wellspring Cultural Foundation is committed to providing a safe environment for all the participants in our activities and programs.
If you have a question about our safety policies, or have a particular safety issue that you would like to bring to our attention, please contact our Safety Team at wellspringcf.ca@gmail.com. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with a member of the Wellspring Cultural Foundation team, you can contact your local police or child protective services. If a minor is at risk, call 911.