Ernescliff College

Ernescliff College is an independent student residence on the St. George campus of the University of Toronto. Ernescliff is open to students from all social, ethnic and religious backgrounds. It complements students’ university experience by broadening their education and helping them to become competent, generous and responsible men committed to contributing to the common good of society.

The College achieves these aims through its Scholars’ Program. This consists of professional development workshops, a speaker series featuring prominent leaders and intellectuals, and opportunities for community outreach both in the summer and throughout the academic year. The real key to the success of Ernescliff’s program is its one-on-one mentoring, where residents and others may receive an individual and personalized attention that helps them in their growth and development.

In addition to being a residence, Ernescliff also runs a activities for high school students that aim at character formation and growth in leadership qualities. Every Saturday the participants in Ernescliff’s High School Program take part in working sessions on these topics. They also receive classes on Church teaching and practical advice on how to live one’s Christian life. These are followed by team sports.

Ernescliff’s Big Picture Summer Program is designed to help young men develop leadership skills. Students who follow the program learn to see their high school years (their studies, athletic clubs, summer jobs, leisure time, etc.) as an opportunity to develop the personal attributes necessary for greater success throughout their lives.

Finally, Ernescliff also offers programs and opportunities for young professionals. These include meditations, retreats, and evenings of recollection preached by priests of Opus Dei, and classes on Christian Doctrine and its practical implementation in one’s life. There is also a speaker series aimed at providing advice on how to establish oneself and continue to find success in all aspects of one’s life. Many of the young professionals also become involved in opportunities for community outreach that Ernescliff has to offer.

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