Lyncroft Hospitality Training Centre

  • Lyncroft offers: Industry-competitive traineeship compensation (earn while you learn!);
  • Extensive one-on-one professional training with an on-site mentor/coach;
  • A stepping stone to a successful career in the hospitality industry;
  • Work references for future employment with other service–oriented companies/organizations;
  • Meals during the work shift;
  • Central location accessible at the University of Toronto by TTC subways/buses;

The Art of Hospitality is a club for girls ages 13 to 17. The club offers a program of hospitality and cultural activities geared towards nurturing a spirit of service, doing one’s work well, and true friendship. Talks are given by the club coaches on virtues and character building, and the girls are encouraged to formulate goals for self-improvement. The Art of Hospitality is ‘an opening of horizons’ as club members develop confidence, deep values, and skills for life.

Ho.M.E. (Home Management Essentals) is a workshop series for women that offers professional, practical and personal management strategies designed to help make care of the family and the home more efficient and satisfying. Through education (theoretical and hands-on classes) and coaching, participants are given the opportunity to learn how to streamline the way they manage their household. We help our participants to reflect on their personal goals for their home and family, and aim to provide the tools needed to assist in achieving their goals. In this way, participants enhance their ability to create a home environment that works best for them and their families.

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