Merry Christmas

Once more we are in that season of Advent, awaiting and preparing our hearts for the arrival of the Messiah, who fills our souls with joy.

As we light our fireplaces and pull up our chairs to relish its warmth directly, let us ask our Lady to help us understand our need to stay close to her son Jesus. Let us also frequent the sacraments, which Christ instituted in his Church. Advent is a wonderful opportunity to receive His forgiveness in confession, and then to receive Jesus Himself, body, blood, soul, and divinity, in Holy Communion. Together these gifts remind us of his mercy and love, and give us the grace to follow Him more devoutly as His disciples..

This Christmas, as you think about gifts for your family and friends, we ask you to consider Wellspring’s needs. At Ernescliff College, the driveway must be repaved. We also need to install a new automatic gate from the lane at the rear, to ensure that the ladies can enter Lyncroft safely. It’s a dark place at night and a difficult job in the winter to open the heavy gate for them to access their driveway. These two necessary projects require a total investment of $36,000 — and we are dependent on your support to finance them. Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this request.

On behalf of everyone at Wellspring, I wish you and your families, whether near or far, a joyful Christmas season. We pray that the love of the baby Jesus will fill your heart with his arrival on Christmas morning, and remain with you and yours in the year to come.


Rob Taylor, on behalf of the Board