Help Celebrate Wellspring’s 40th Anniversary by Joining the Freedom 22 Campaign

For almost two generations, Wellspring Cultural Foundation has contributed to the character formation and sanctification of thousands of young men.

As it turns 40, Wellspring is hoping to do even more good… with your help.

The foundation wants to eliminate the debt on the current Ernescliff College and pave the way for a new building that will reach greater numbers of young men!

You can help.

Wellspring has started a Freedom 22 Campaign, hoping to raise $150,000 before the end of next year.

Your donation will get us to that goal.

And right now, whatever you can give will count for double!

A generous donor has promised to match your gift, up to $150,000.

By reaching our goal and getting the matching funds, we would eliminate 80% of the outstanding debt on Ernescliff and be in position to rebuild the college much sooner than we thought.

A reconstructed Ernescliff will be

  1. redesigned to host the many programs offered to young men and professionals
  2. redeveloped to the standard of other modern university residences
  3. reconfigured to better accommodate the women at Lyncroft Hospitality Management.

With your financial support and prayers, a new Ernescliff could be well on its way to conception in 2023!

As you think about the ways in which you might be able to help, consider how many:

  • young men have learned virtuous living and benefitted from Ernescliff and will do so in the future
  • adult men have already learned to sanctify themselves, their work, and others through their work and married lives and the many more who will learn this in the future.

Thank you and may God, the Father of all good things continue to bless you and your families.

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