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When planning your will, consider making a legacy gift to Wellspring Cultural Foundation. Your gift will continue and expand the work of character development in young people, equipping them with the tools necessary to flourish as successful and capable students, workers, spouses, siblings, and friends.

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Planning Your Will

Ensuring the Success of Future Leaders

Your will is more than just a legal document to distribute your personal assets. With a gift to Wellspring Cultural Foundation, your will becomes a powerful tool to ensure the success of future leaders through

Donating Personal Assets

The Power of Will Planning

With very little effort you can take stock of your personal assets to discover how even a modest donation of their value can make an impact: that is the power of planning.

Tax Benefits

Charitable Gift Receipt

A legacy gift could significantly reduce the taxes paid by your family or your estate and make it easier to distribute your estate. Your charitable gift is living legacy of your kindness.


Your Potential Gift

Your will can do more. Leaving a small portion of your estate to Wellspring Cultural Foundation could result in a bigger contribution than you ever thought possible, while still supporting those you love.

Wellspring does not track or collect information you include in this calculator. Your answers can be estimated.

Example: bank accounts, mutual funds.
Example: home, cottage.
Example: vehicles, jewellery.
Example: death benefit.
Example: mortgage, loans, credit card.
Gift to Wellspring Cultural Foundation.
Gift for your loved ones.

Estimated value of your estate

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Potential gift to Wellspring

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Potential gift to loved ones

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Married persons can designate a percentage of their personal net worth to charity while directing the rest to a spouse. Married persons can also designate a second percentage to a charity when their spouse dies. In this way, you may be able to support Wellspring Cultural Foundation twice!

Legacy Gift Advisors

An advisor familiar with legacy giving can answers questions about a charitable gift in your will. Not sure where to begin? Reach out to one of our local advisors to learn more or click the button below to contact our legacy gift coordinator Pete Aarssen.

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Are you considering making a gift today?

If you desire to make an immediate gift of any type (i.e. securities, property, or major financial gifts) please check out our other ways to give.

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